Hi, this is Chef T at Jeremiahs Catering Cooking Studio, We are partnering with local schools to bring you some St. Patrick’s Day yummies. Please fill out the form below if you would like to be included in our St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser.
ALL proceeds will be issued after pick up of all food.
Jeremiah’s will give back 10% of total sales before all applicable tax and any fees. Hope to see you at our door! Chef T

To be included sign up by: 2/28/22

After you sign up your school you will be sent a link to start advertising on your favorite platforms, Facebook, Instagram, email, text. Let all of your local friends and family know about your fundraiser!

St. Patrick’s Day Menu

All orders must be placed and paid for on the link we send you.

Individual portions:
serve 1 heavier eater and 2 lighter eaters
Spinach salad: egg, bacon, grilled mushrooms, sliced red onion. Roasted garlic dressing $10 GF/DF

Salad theresa: greens grilled onions, tomatoes, candied walnuts $9 GF/DF

Irish chicken pot pie savory Irish soda biscuit crust $15

Bangers and mashed with Guinness gravy on side $15

Classic Shepard’s pie $16 GF

Panko Mac and cheese $13

Tender Corned beef &cabbage w/carrots&potatoes served w/mustard $19 GF/DF

Colcannon: whipped potatoes w/spinach, scallions & kale finished $12 GF
Irish soda biscuits (6 pc) $7

Family meals: serves 4-6 adults
 1/2 tray Tender Corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes served with mustard, 1 individual salad theresa, 1 individual panko Mac and cheese, 1/2 dozen Irish soda biscuits $95

Suga shams cookie kits:
Let the luck of the Irish be with you!
Decorate your own shamrock cookies: 4 shamrock cookies, 3 green icings, 1 white icing, 2 decorations, 4 piping bags, 2 gloves. $20